Would You Change Anything?

Lord, I am not content to know you only on the surface. I don’t want to be an outsider looking in. Jesus, I want to know you as deeply and truly as a person can. Please draw me to you. Help me to lay down my pretenses as I seek you with all that I am so that others may see the real you, too.

Maybe you’ve done thing right. Served your family and community. But what if you removed all the distractions and everything you held dear? What if you entered a solitary place and met Jesus face to face? Would you know him?

Job experienced an epiphany like this in his encounter with God through his trials. Stripped of all he held dear except God alone, Job wrestled with the One who made him.  And he laid his troubled heart bare before God. Without seeking solace in any humanly-devised explanation, he sought the only God with real answers. In the exchange, he found his Heavenly Father in a deeper, more personal way than ever before. Everything he had heard and learned became actual experience.

So we must ask ourselves the question: Do we want to be a Christian by name or one who experiences God’s presence in truth? Like Job, we must put everything else aside and approach God with honesty and vulnerability. Allow him the time to speak directly to us through His Word and by His Spirit. Then we will be free to live authentically with God before others – our family and friends.

Question – What are you seeking?






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