Our Heavenly Father didn’t leave his people to seek wholeness alone – including our finances. As the One who created us in the first place, He remains very near to all his children, pointing them ever more toward the truth. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived (see 1 Kings 4:30–31) until Jesus came, understood that dynamic. He could’ve asked for all the riches in the world, but he didn’t. He asked for wisdom. He knew His God.

Life lived without God is utter foolishness. No matter how many parties you attend or how much money you make or where you go or what you do, life is meaningless apart from Jesus—and the emptiness felt in the hearts of those who don’t know Him confirms it.

Where can we go to find life’s meaning? How can we know what it’s all about? Solomon says there’s only One place—the God of all wisdom. Submit to Him and embrace His ways. Learn truth as He has revealed it in his Word, and you will find the riches of this world and a peace beyond comprehension, even in a broken world.


Does money control your life? What are you seeking?


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