Chapter 2

Jesus’ Birth in Bethlehem

What was the decree and for who?

Who was Caesar Augustus and why is it important to know about the Roman rule? (See Micah 5:2 and Daniel 2:40 – 44)

Why is it important to study the Old Testament?

Where was Joseph and Mary? Where did they travel to register for the census?

What did the angel of the Lord say to the shepherds?

What did Mary do when the shepherds told her about what the angel of the Lord said?

Jesus Presented at the Temple

When and where did they take baby Jesus? Why?

Who is Simeon and what does it mean the Holy Spirit was upon him?

What did the Holy Spirit reveal?

Read Luke 2:30 – 31. What does it mean – all peoples? Was Luke a Jew or a Gentile?

Read Luke 2:34-35. What is Simeon revealing?

Who is Anna?

Jesus Visits Jerusalem

What is the Feast of the Passover?

Why do you think Joseph and Mary didn’t notice Jesus was missing?

What was Jesus’ response to his mother after they found him?

What was Jesus revealing?






















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