I suffered from mild depression several years ago right before the holidays. Maybe it was all the stress of having the perfect Christmas. For me, it never happened because I was pretty much alone. I wasn’t married, had no children, and my extended family wasn’t around. So I didn’t decorate, withdrew and stayed to myself.

But then something changed inside of me when my neighbor noticed. I won’t go into all the details, but one snowy night after work (it was really snowing), I came home to a small beautiful decorated Christmas tree in my living room. The lights lit up the room. Cookies and snacks were on my table and few presents were under the tree. I didn’t think twice about who did it as tears filled my eyes.

God sent my friend to change my heart and attitude. From then on I started noticing others and what they were going through instead of focusing on my own situations. It’s the little things in life that changes the heart, like noticing.


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